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The Choice is Clear!

Educational Technologies Limited (ETL), a member of Times Publishing Limited, under Marshall Cavendish, is one of the major publishers and marketers of children’s home education products in Asia!

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ETL is delighted to see so many of our ECs out-doing themselves as they build their careers with ETL. To continue enriching every EC, ETL provides a unique ‘ETL’ pedagogical approach for their professional development in terms of knowledge and skills. Various training workshops have already taken place in countries – like Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, the Philippines and Singapore.  Many managers and ECs have benefited greatly from the programs.  Lots of ideas were shared among the groups. These resulted in the positive variance in sales! Our valued distributors around the regions, in particular Indonesia, have continued to see a stream of people expressing a high interest to join them as part of the global ETL family. Likewise, numerous parents who have purchased and benefited from our products are also getting ready to be trained and realize their dreams to be ETL’s qualified Educational Consultants.

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Indeed, the choice is clear to anyone who wants to enrich their own lives and help enhance knowledge and learning in children.  The choice is to join ETL, benefit from our training programs and become a qualified ETL EC and begin to enrich the lives of yourselves and others.