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The Best Way to Teach Your Child English

If English is the language spoken in your home, then your child will naturally start to pick it up.  From a very young age children pick up on the phonetics and speech patterns of the language they hear every day in their home environment.  Learning the English language, like any other, requires exposure and of […] (read more)

The Latest In Learning Devices: What Works, and What Doesn’t?

In the wake of the huge recall of educational DVDs for babies after a study proved they don’t improve intellect as promised, but can in fact be detrimental to the developing brain, there has been a great deal of controversy over educational tools.  Of the many devices on the market promising to help a child […] (read more)

Today’s Kids Learn Differently

In today’s changing world, not only have systems of education changed, but the methods in which children learn have changed as well.  Today’s child grows up in a world filled with electronics, gadgets and multi-media entertainment.  Television, computers and video games have all contributed to changes in the ways a child’s brain takes in new […] (read more)

The Three Essentials of Your Child’s Success

Most parents share the goal of ensuring that their child is successful in life, both in academic and social endeavors.  These three essential tips will provide your child with the foundations of success in all of their endeavors, allowing them to learn, grow and develop into successful people. Provide a rich learning environment. “A multisensory […] (read more)

How To Develop Moral Values in Your Child

Teaching your child good morals may be one of the greatest challenges of parenthood.  Morals are complex and abstract, and are a concept that is often difficult for children to grasp.  And because morals can differ across cultures and religions, it can be even more complex to explain to children why the morals your family […] (read more)

The Importance of Teaching Math in the Early Years

Math is one of the most basic skills we expect our children to master.  Reading, writing and arithmetic: these are the three subjects often named as being of paramount importance.  And yet, while much focus is put on early literacy skills including reading and writing, math is often lost in the shuffle.  But teaching your […] (read more)

How To Teach Your Child Languages

Childhood is the time when we are most open to learning new languages, especially early childhood.  Children start to pick up the phonetics of a language, the particular sounds and speech patterns, very early on.  As they start to develop their vocabulary in the toddler years and into the preschool years, learning more than one […] (read more)

Teaching Your Child Good Behavior

Every parent wants children who are well behaved and polite, but teaching them these important lessons can be a challenge.  Children are impulsive and emotional, and often fail to consider the ramifications of their actions or think before they speak.  While some of this will simply improve with time and maturity, there are some things […] (read more)

10 Essential Preschool Skills

Before you send your child off to begin a lifetime of school-based learning, there are some essential skills that should be learned in the preschool years. Most of these skills can be learned right at home, with the help of a few simple preschool education tools. Here are the top ten skills your preschooler should […] (read more)

The Importance of Preschool Learning

While most parents consider Kindergarten the official start of their child’s education, the years preceding this milestone are an important time for learning as well.  Children enter Kindergarten usually at around five years old – but the first five years of life are a critical period for setting the foundations of learning.  In fact, the […] (read more)

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