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5 tips on how to get your child to start reading early

The love of reading is developed in a child’s early years and remains for life. Here are some tips on how you can encourage your child to take an interest in reading, to improve learning skills and develop early reading habits: 1. What you say matters: It is important to talk to your child on  […] (read more)

Child Discipline–Rewarding good behaviour, punishing bad behaviour…does it really work?

An episode on Season 3 of The Big Bang Theory on CBS Networks had Sheldon “awarding” Penny a chocolate each time she behaved in a way he wanted her to. This got me thinking. The entire concept looked absurd when seen on television and yet we try to use the same trick with children to […] (read more)

5 Tips on How to Get Children to Eat Healthy Meals!

“We estimate that 22 million of the world’s children under 5 are overweight or obese," says Mary Bellizzi, an expert with the International Obesity Task Force.  There are many books providing guidance on the benefits of healthy eating and how to make healthy snacks but few of them offer in-depth advice on how you can […] (read more)

Why Preschool Toys Are Important!

Researches in child development have shown that play activities enhance every aspect of a child’s mental and physical growth. The play impulse has two essential characteristics: 1.The tendency to be experimental 2. Tthe tendency to be active. As Preschool and Parental Education  states, play "sends a child first to testing out his powers, and then […] (read more)

Why Good Schooling Is Not Enough for Child Development?

"Parents are children’s first and most influential teachers. By reading to children or having them read to us, by making sure homework is done, by monitoring television use, by knowing how children spend their time, parents can have a powerfully positive effect on their children’s learning." – U.S. Secretary of Education Since the majority of […] (read more)

Understanding Child Development through Brain Development

Most parents want to give their child an extra edge in life and wait for kindergarten to begin their formal education. However, the first three years are the most formative years of a child’s life and to understand why, we need to know more about how a child’s brain develops.  By the age of 8 […] (read more)

Preschool Books – Today’s Kids Need Interactive Books! Advantages of interactive books for toddlers:

Advantages of interactive books for toddlers: We often hear book lovers lamenting over the fact that in this era of technology, books are almost forced to take a backseat. Considering the age we live in, technological improvements have brought in certain unavoidable changes. In spite of that, no one can really deny that books still […] (read more)

Preschool Activities Are Essential To Prepare Your Child For School!

Going to school is the first major transition in a child’s life as this is the first time the child is in a completely unfamiliar environment without parents. Thus it is often advised that parents should get children prepare their children for certain prescribed activities, which in turn will help them adjust to the changes. […] (read more)

Useful Information on Early Childhood Development and Child Development Stages

Early childhood is an important phase in the life of human beings. It may prove to be a troublesome time for the parents of toddlers since they have to be extremely conscious about the child’s physical care. The biological and brain development of children during the first few years of their lives depend entirely on […] (read more)

Early Childhood Learning – 5 Ways to Develop Your Child’s Curiosity!

A very important part of childhood is the awareness of the five senses in the body. As children learn to observe their surroundings, they begin to both identify and distinguish between sounds, sights, tastes, smells, and sensations. They develop a sense of curiosity about themselves and the world around them, and this in turn helps […] (read more)

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