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10 Reasons Why Books Are Still Important

 Has your toddler just learned the alphabet? Then this is the perfect time to introduce him/her to the wonderful world of books. In this time of personal computers and the Internet, many of us consider books to be things of the past. However, they still play a crucial role in the total development of a […] (read more)

Brain Facts & Child Development

Abused Children Have Smaller Brains Parts of the brain of a severely abused and neglected child can be substantially smaller than that of a healthy child. Babies Lose Half their Neurons at Birth It is estimated that a baby loses about half their neurons before they are born. This process is sometimes referred to as […] (read more)

Early Years are Critical!

Test your knowledge of early childhood development: View Poll (read more)

Developing Your Child’s Potential – part 2

This second chapter of the book addresses a parent’s role in developing the child’s potential. It covers how to promote learning and stimulating curiosity; affects of pushing too hard; using television wisely. And it’s yours to download for free: Download color version (file size 6.2 MB) Download black/white version (file size 668 KB) (read more)

Developing Your Child’s Potential – part 1

Developing Your Child’s Potential was one of the most popular titles in a series called Successful Parenting. The series has been out of print for quite some time, but the contents are as relevant today. Here’s the first chapter for you to download for free, with a choice of file size depending on your connection […] (read more)

Preschool education: Make Your Child Smarter

(Shared from the articles found at Brain and Child development co-related With their brain scanning devices, neuroscientists discovered that a child’s brain grows in power and intelligence when it is stimulated by the environment, particularly during a child’s first three years. Prior to that, it was commonly thought that inherited genes were solely responsible […] (read more)

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