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The Three Essentials of Your Child’s Success

Most parents share the goal of ensuring that their child is successful in life, both in academic and social endeavors.  These three essential tips will provide your child with the foundations of success in all of their endeavors, allowing them to learn, grow and develop into successful people.

Provide a rich learning environment.

“A multisensory enrichment develops all of the cortex; whereas, an input from a single task stimulates the growth of only a precise area of the brain.” Explains Marian C. Diamond, PhD, a neuroanatomist at the University of California, Berkeley.  The more children are exposed to, the more they learn, and the more they learn the more open they are to further learning.  Providing various different learning opportunities and experiences expands a child’s horizons and results in greater learning success.

Encourage your child and reward effort.

Research has shown that the way we praise our children has a great impact on their success.  Children who consistently receive praise for a strong effort, working hard and doing their best have greater success later with challenging tasks.  Children who are simply told they are smart later struggle with difficult academic challenges. According to Dr. Carol Dweck of Columbia University, pioneer of research into the effects of praise, “Emphasizing effort gives a child a variable that they can control.  They come to see themselves as in control of their success.”


Invest yourself in your child’s education.

Children need help to develop a love of learning.  A parent who is involved in the learning process helps to encourage this in several ways; first, by showing that learning is fun, and second, by offering the interaction that helps children to learn.  Spending time watching an educational video together, or playing a learning game are great ways to share the learning process and set your child up for success.


To ensure your child has the best chance at success, then, these three essentials need to be in place:

  • Create a learning environment for your child that is varied and interesting
  • Reward your child for effort to show them they have a role to play in success
  • Spend time learning with your child

The three essentials of success can all work together for your child.  A child who spends time in many different learning activities and on varied subjects, is rewarded for the effort to learn and attempt new skills, and does all of this with a parent’s attention and assistance has the best chance for lifelong success.