“The most complete set of books and CDs!”

“The Total Development Program is possibly the most complete set of educational books and CDs that we have ever come across. Nothing at the major stores in Kolkata, be it Crossword, Odessey or Starmark, is quite as effective and child-friendly as this series. Learning Math with Albert, especially the interactive CD-ROMs are my child’s favorite. And she wouldn’t go to bed without a story from the Values series which are so good. The Knowledge series has given her such a head start and she is far more knowledgeable that I was at her age. Honestly, I have also learned so much in the last two years from these products. Thanks to ETL, and to our consultant, Mrs. Bagri, who have opened the doors to us and made our task of parenting so much easier!”

[(Dr. Subhanu Mitra, Kolkata, India)]