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“My daughter has gradually built up her vocabulary and knowledge.”

I am writing to give my feedback on the total development program (TDP). I have one daughter and one son. Among the TDP, I found English Time™ is most useful to my kids. Through the regular reading sessions as well as watching the DVDs, my daughter has gradually built up her vocabulary and knowledge which […] (read more)

Ava is an avid reader as well as a creative thinker and I am sure her early exposure to these products were a strong influence.

Ava has enjoyed all the modules of the Total Development Program since she was 2 years old. Walter and A Child’s First Library of Learning have been used so thoroughly that we had to upgrade Walter. Even though we had moved to Canada where the products are not sold, we were treated with such wonderful […] (read more)

“Turning every page gave me as much surprise as it did my daughter!”

“My relatives had used ETL products in the past and highly recommended them for my daughter. I was a little hesitant at first since my daughter was only 2 years old, but my doubts were all gone as soon as I opened the box and took out the books. I started reading to her since […] (read more)

“I like this book infinitely!”

“This video is of my youngest daughter Khadeeja who is just over 3 years old reading Mimi the Selfish Kitten from A Child’s First Library of Values. I started using ETL Learning books with her from the age of 3 months. She loves reading on her own. I keep the books where my children can […] (read more)

A Child’s First Library of Learning is amazing!

“A friend recommended ETL Learning to us and I was curious about the products and purchased the Total Development Program. In particular, my son loves A Child’s First Library of Learning and it has gone beyond our expectations: he finds the books amazing. Everything in the books are well designed and a child can learn […] (read more)

English-Time has helped my child in developing his English!”

“We purchased ETL Learning products with an aim to improve our son’s English skills and to build his confidence. He loves all the products as the books and CDs are very interesting and interactive. I like all of them too! They are very useful for child development. English-Time has helped my child in developing his […] (read more)

“My child loves the videos and characters in English-Time!”

“We purchased these books as we wanted a set of ‘non-academic’ books that our child could use as he grows up. My child loves the videos and characters in English-Time. We like the whole ETL Learning product series as each product helps in one way or another, but if I have to vote for one, […] (read more)

The Total Development Program is very useful!

“The Total Development Program I bought for my only child is very useful to him. It develops his knowledge, skills and values. I particularly love the Values package because I have noticed significant improvement in my son’s personality. Since he started using the package he has built a stronger learning interest within a short period […] (read more)

“My son loves English-Time!”

“Since we have bought English-Time, my son loves learning English very much! Now he can speak and read English very well, and he sings English songs all the time!” (read more)

The book reading experience is fun for our family as we all learn together from the various values taught!

“I love A Child’s First Library of Values from ETL Learning. Being first-time parents, we were worried about providing a better upbringing for our daughter. We were convinced that outsourcing a child’s upbringing to a school did not guarantee success (to say the least). When we were introduced to A Child’s First Library of Values, […] (read more)

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