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“Our boys love the Walter books!”

“We, as a family, love these educational series! Our boys especially love the Walter books, which expose them to whole new worlds of learning and adventure. Even their grandmother is fascinated by them! We highly recommend these book series as they will accompany our children well into young adulthood.” (read more)

“Our children love the English-Time characters!”

Both of our children love watching the English-Time DVDs and like the characters more then Disney’s. We also read the books to them and we have just started helping them with the CD-ROM activities. English-Time has helped them develop language, vocabulary, pronunciation and, above all, a high level of confidence. Their playgroup English teacher has […] (read more)

“Walter teaches my child something new every day!”

Walter is a source of great information teaching my child something new every day! The best part is, it not only teaches my daughter but even I learnt some interesting facts through A Child’s First Library of Learning. I look forward to getting more products from Educational Technologies in the future! (read more)

“My 3-year old loves Walter and A Child’s First Library of Learning!”

“We just bought A Child’s First Library of Learning for our 3-year old. He loves the product and is in awe of his Walter! Now, instead of watching TV, he insists on playing with Walter. We would like to complete our Total Development Program immediately, and order whatever else is available for toddlers.” (read more)

Walter has made learning so wonderful!

“Walter provides additional information while other talking pens in the market just repeat the text on the page! Even if we are too busy to read to our son, he can still play and learn on his own.” (read more)

“We give our thumbs-up to these products!”

“English-Time and the Values series are Rishabh’s favorite! We are amazed to see how the Total Development Program with its Walter, DVDs and CD-ROMs with have sharpen his sensory functions, developed his observation and increased his intelligence so much! There’s hardly any other product that can match this. “We started reading with Rishabh for just […] (read more)

“The Total Development Program has worked wonders for our daughter!”

My 6 year old daughter, Merhek, has a development delay which affects her development of language and communication skills. We were advised by specialists that we should read to her to develop her speaking and reading skills. Luckily, we discovered the Total Development Program, which changed our lives forever. The wealth of research, scientific structuring […] (read more)

“My son enjoys stories from A Child’s First Library of Values!”

Every night we read a bedtime story to my son by using A Child’s First Library of Values. He enjoys the stories so much and at the same time his reading habit is nurtured. We have also bought Learning Math with Albert for him because this program can develop child’s Math foundation. (read more)

A Child’s First Library of Learning is so interactive and educational!”

A Child’s First Library of Learning has exceeded my expectations, and my daughter and I both love it! Her favorite part is Walter as it is so interactive. It attracts her attention and helps her to learn by listening to sounds and playing songs. When she is reading the books, she can quite happily sit […] (read more)

“The Total Development Program is the best gift any parent could give their child!”

We bought the Total Development Program for our son, Krishaang, over a year ago, and it has provided so much information for him to explore as he grows up. His favorite is the Early Learning Program, and he loves the flaps on the pages, and the split pages. It’s been amazing watching him relate to […] (read more)

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