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A Child’s First Library of Values taught my son many valuable lessons!”

My 8-year-old son won’t go to sleep without hearing a story from A Child’s First Library of Values. His favourite story is ‘The Aligator’s Secret’ because for a while he had the bad habit of telling lies. After reading the story, he understood why he should tell the truth and is now more straightforward. He […] (read more)

“My daughter has made amazing progress with English-Time!”

I bought English-Time for my daughter when she was 1.5 years old. I just expected her understand basic English words and know how to pronounce them. Instead, her English ability has completely exceeded my expectations. Amazingly, she can now read, play on the computer, write the alphabet as well as understand and speak English well! […] (read more)

“The Total Development Program is a one-of-a-kind learning program!”

We purchased the complete Total Development Program for our daughter and have found that it has exceeded our expectations. It’s really helpful for our daughter, Ysabel, who has just started school. Her favorite is A Child’s First Library of Values and she loves reading the stories and listening to the CDs. She knows many of […] (read more)

“The Total Development Program books have become our kids’ best friends!”

These books have become our kids’ best friends! Our kids have developed the habit of reading and a love of learning. I have see huge improvements in their knowledge and reading ability. They never go to sleep without reading at least one of these books. (read more)

“Thanks to English-Time, our 3-year-old speaks English fluently and with confidence!”

A friend introduced us to the Total Development Program when Pradhyumna was 8 months old. These books have helped aid his development and today we are proud of our decision to invest in these developmental books. Today, at the age of 3, thanks to English-Time, he speaks English fluently and with confidence. His teachers are […] (read more)

“The Total Development Program has developed our children’s reading habit!”

We decided to purchase the complete Total Development Program for our children because it is such a comprehensive program. Our children can apply the knowledge that they have gained to everyday situations. They are keen to point out things that they have learnt such as fire engines on the street. They also request us to […] (read more)

“12-month boy learning from English-Time!”

It’s hardly been two weeks and my son is already learning so much from English-Time! My 12-month old son has just started taking steps and can barely say mama or baba. Now he tries to blabber “one, two, three”, picks Zing whenever he looks at the color orange, and tries to sing and dance along […] (read more)

“Our son loves reading English-Time!”

Our 2-1/2 year old son loves reading English-Time books and watching the DVDs. He has learned so much and improved his vocabulary and confidence. Now, the English-Time characters are his closest friends – Simon, Nicky and Zing are his favorites! On his birthday, he even insisted on having them on his birthday cake. We are […] (read more)

English-Time is all my children need to learn English!”

I bought English-Time for my two children 6 months ago, and I have found that it covers all the early English skills and vocabulary that my children need. It has exceeded my expectations as it is so comprehensive to use, and my children love the characters and have learned so much. Their grammar and English […] (read more)

“Our son has started to speak English just like Simon and Nicky from English-Time!”

We bought English-Time for our son Arnav, who is 2-1/2 years old. He loves watching the videos and singing the songs! He has already learned all the rhymes and songs and has started to speak English just like Simon and Nicky! He has also shown remarkable improvement in his vocabulary and pronunciation! (read more)

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