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“These products are giving him the winning edge in life!”

We bought the Total Development Program when our son was 3 years old and not very fond of reading. Now he is 4.5 years old and totally in love with books and reading! He loves the skills series, and Roberto’s Magical Clocks is his favourite book. He uses Walter and the knowledge books on his […] (read more)

“My kids love the Total Development Program!”

My kids and I love the Total Development Program! My son shows off his newly acquired knowledge at every opportunity. The books are extremely stimulating. It’s been a challenge to keep these books intact as both my boys are constantly fighting over them! (read more)

“Buying the Total Development Program was the best decision!”

Buying the Total Development Program for my daughter was the best decision. Now she is able to recognise different objects and animals, and relate them to the books. She was the one who told me that shark babies are called pups and dolphin babies are called calves. She has become very fond of reading due […] (read more)

“They started to love reading and enjoy math!”

“These products have been very instrumental in building an environment conducive to learning for our three kids. They started to love reading and enjoy math. My wife Wendy started with the Reading Program, and soon their play time turned into reading sessions! And when Walter came out later on, they just couldn’t stop playing and […] (read more)

A Child’s First Library of Learning is just what we wanted!”

I have been buying lots of books for my son Jun Jie since he was born. He loves reading, so in order to help him learn more knowledge I looked for an encyclopedia. When I found out that A Child’s First Library of Learning is a set of “talking encyclopedia”, I immediately realized that this […] (read more)

“The Total Development Program is Amazing!”

“When we started using the Total Development Program with JR we were amazed to see his increased interest in learning. He learned so many new words, animals and things from the Child’s First Dictionary. He has been singing some of the rhymes he has heard on Walter. The value of the product is really worth […] (read more)

“My son is the best in his class for English language and reading!”

My son Agastya, who is now 7, is rated the best in class in English language and reading. His analytical skills are also far ahead of his peers due to the innovative methods of teaching in the Math program. There has also been an overall awareness of the world and he has developed a scientific […] (read more)

“These products have been the best influence on my son and family!”

I started reading from the Early Learning Program when I was 6 months pregnant. After the birth of my son, it became obvious that he had special abilities. At the age of 1 he could use logical thinking, for example he knew apples could make juice. About a year later, I purchased the rest of […] (read more)

“Thanks to Educational Technologies!”

“Rahim loves to use the total development program. He loves the rhymes in the CFL and the Walter. He also enjoys doing activities from LMA. His favorite story is Land of Toys. We are thankful to educational technologies for providing such a valuable product for Rahim which help him to learn things quickly and also […] (read more)

“My daughter loves A Child’s First Library of Values!”

“I bought Educational Technologies program for my 2 years daughter Zainaa, and we love it. It gives you direction and the right type of things to teach. My daughter loves the values series; she is picking up skills and math too. It helped increase her concentration span, and our quality time spent with these books […] (read more)

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