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“The Total Development Program is a complete learning solution”

During our quest to find something special and different for our kids, we came across A Child’s First Library of Learning from Educational Technologies. The benefits of the series encouraged us to invest in the entire Total Development Program. It’s really a complete learning solution to developing our children’s mental strengths and upbringing. It also […] (read more)

“Using Walter with A Child’s First Library of Learning is the best teaching method!”

We learned about this program from our friends, and decided to buy the complete Total Development Program for our daughter. We think all the products are excellent! Our daughter enjoys the pictures and diagrams in A Child’s First Library of Learning, which show her how things work. Also, she learns a lot faster with Walter, […] (read more)

A Child’s First Library of Learning is wonderful!”

“I must thank ETL for their products and services. My two kids are really enjoying the Total Development Program. A Child’s First Library is wonderful. My daughter likes it very much and has made very good improvement. It’s a great service for the nation – thanks to ETL again!” (read more)

My daughter prefers using Walter to watching TV!

My daughter prefers using Walter to watching TV! Walter has greatly increased my daughter’s interest in books. Its innovative method of teaching keeps her busy and interested for hours! (read more)

“Learning has become an enjoyment for him!”

“We are extremely pleased with the Time Life products that we had purchased a month back. We are very impressed at the quality of the content and its presentation. Also worthy to mention is the thorough detailing and synchronization between CD’s and books. The best thing is the concept of Walter that enables my son […] (read more)

“11 A’s in O’levels due to these products!”

The treasure of knowledge made available through Time Life books have been of great help in developing a very strong knowledge base for my kids. I really think that the 11 A’s secured by my two sons in their O’levels owe a lot to the knowledge they acquired from the very beginning by frequently reading […] (read more)

These products have done wonders for my daughter!

“These products have done wonders for my daughter! I bought Anjali the whole TDP and English-Time when she turned two. Today, she is almost five and way ahead of other children in knowledge, reading, writing, math, and English language!” (read more)

“They keep going to the book shelf…”

“It’s amazing how A Child’s First Library of Learning and Walter has engaged my kids. They keep going to the book shelf – and more often than ever before. And it’s all voluntary now.” (read more)

“20-month old can identify all the vehicles!”

“The Total Development Program has definitely met our expectations! The books are very helpful in teaching values as well as healthy habits apart from imparting knowledge. My 20-month old son can already identify all the vehicles covered in the book ‘Wheels and Wings’ in the knowledge series. And my 3.5-year old daughter who cannot read […] (read more)

English-Time produced amazing results in a short time!”

“Pradhyumna was only eight months old when we bought the Total Development Program in 2005. And we are so happy with the results. Now at the age of three, he speaks fluent English and continues to impress his teachers and everyone else in the family with his knowledge. Recently, he explained perfectly to his father […] (read more)

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