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“I love Walter because it significantly improves my son’s vocabulary and knowledge!”

“Walter and books become part of our daily activities. The fruitful colors of the books, as well as the wonderful sounds of animals, etc. greatly enhanced my son’s learning such as vocabulary and knowledge through imagination and creativity. My son said, ‘I really like Walter! Sometimes I even imitate Walter’s sounds!’ Thank you Walter! We […] (read more)

English-Time series raises the enthusiasm of my child to learn English!”

“My six-year-old daughter is very interested in the English-Time series. It raises the enthusiasm of my child to learn English language! The videos are great! My child loves the activities a lot! The English-Time series offers a fun and interesting way to learn and practice English!” (read more)

I Love Walter because it contributes to our family fun!

“I Love Walter and the Child’s First Library of Learning because those colorful books deliver a plethora of knowledge and skills. Particularly, the talking pen Walter contributes to our family fun! My one-year-old daughter said, ‘Walter is funny! I like it!’” (read more)

Learning Math with Albert aligns with Singapore Curriculum

“My daughter is using the Total Development Program, with emphasis on activity books from Learning Math with Albert. I find that the math series align with the current MOE Primary 1 Mathematics of Singapore, and can be used and understood by bright young kids at a very early age of 3 years. My daughter has […] (read more)

“The Total Development Program is an extraordinary concept!”

“The Total Development Program offered by ETL Learning is an extraordinary concept. I am very happy to use it with my three-year-old daughter. She truly loves the books and enjoys the DVDs! The most amazing part about the Program is that we are able to open a world of knowledge to our children in a […] (read more)

I Love Walter because it helps my daughter learn more effectively!

“I bought the Child’s First Library of Learning when my daughter was 4-month old, and now she is 2. I especially love the Knowledge series. It greatly enhances her capability to understand knowledge because she can interact with the books and particularly Walter! She also enjoys bedtime stories and even calls herself MIMI which is […] (read more)

The Total Development Program allows my kids to learn in a fun and effective way!

The Total Development Program has given me a new direction towards parenting – the interaction between my kid and me has drastically improved! I always play English-Time DVDs at home for my daughter. She picked up so many English phrases such as “How are you?”, “Nice to meet you”, etc. even at the age of […] (read more)

ETL Learning products are not only enriching, but also help my kid learn more effectively!

“I Love English-Time because it introduces the English language in a manner that is easiest for young children to comprehend. As a parent, I feel that the presentation of materials is very helpful for me to teach my kid. A Child’s First Library of Values also encourages my kid to read as they listen to […] (read more)

Customer Interview: Smriti from Bangalore shares the amazing results of the TDP!

Another customer interview from Bangalore (India). Smriti shares the amazing results of the Total Development Program with her two kids – Pradhyumna (7 years) and Sudhanva (3 years). The family has been using the program for over 6 years! (read more)

“ETL products have increased bonding between me and my daughter through interactive learning!”

“I love the Child’s First Library of Learning series from ETL Learning because it provides us with extensive knowledge on nature, life and science. My daughter has been using this series since she was five months old, and it has helped her forming mental images at an early age. Walter also helps her recognize the […] (read more)

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