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“I Love Walter because it strengthens my bond with my child!”

“Walter and its books are extremely informative! Even as a parent, we can still learn something from the materials! More importantly, Walter contributes to a stronger bond between parents and children through collaborative learning!” My 3-year daughter said, “I Love Walter because it can talk and sing whenever I point the pen on the dots!” (read more)

“I Love Walter because it improves my child’s focus and concentration skills in learning!”

“The Walter device helps develop my child’s fondness for reading and learning in a fun way! He can listen to new stories as well as different animal sounds from Walter!” My 4-year old son said, ‘I love reading about dinosaurs! Walter is fun! I love it!’” (read more)

“My daughter has learnt so much from English-Time!”

“My daughter Zhena started using Total Development Program (TDP) when she was only 14 months. At the time she was incapable of speech, she just opened her arms whenever she needed something. We did not understand what it meant until we saw the unit in English-Time when Simon and Nicky were shopping at Cybermarket! When […] (read more)

“I Love Walter because it increases my child’s eagerness to learn new things!”

“The Walter sounds not only vivifies learning for our child, but also help her communicate more effectively. We can all learn more about the world, particularly animals, with this fabulous talking pen!” My 3-year old daughter said, “The songs are amazing! I am always interested in knowing what the next picture will explain.” (read more)

“The Total Development Program will have a long lasting effect on my children and help them succeed in their lives!”

“I have been using Total Development Program since my elder son, Ahann was 20-month-old and my younger son Keshav was 5-month-old. While I write below some of the results I see now in my children, I realize that this fantastic Program will have a long lasting effect on my children and help them succeed in […] (read more)

English-Time never gets boring!”

“We bought English-Time when Anjeli was two. She has finished the entire program at least five times during the last seven years, and is still not bored with it! She makes us proud with her her English skills, which are way ahead of other kids her age. She can read, write, listen, understand and communicate […] (read more)

A Child’s First Library of Learning helps my daughter understand all aspects of knowledge.”

“This product is beyond our expectation. It covers all the aspects of knowledge – from nature to science, music to geography – and everything is explained in a way a child can relate to. My daughter really understands it well. And Walter develops an interest in reading and learning. Once a friend told my daughter […] (read more)

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